Monday, June 13, 2016

Blind-friendly new Rs 100 denomination banknotes in the market

The central bank has issued new Rs 100 denomination bank notes in the market from today with extra security features.
The new Rs 100 denomination banknotes also has a special feature, which allows visually impaired people to recognise them, the central bank said in a press release issued here today. The currency note has a raised black dot, which visually impaired people can feel with their fingers and find out the denomination. "This is the first time that paper money that has been specially designed for the benefit of blind people has been put in circulation,"  it said, adding that the bank notes also has two rhinos on the back – a mother and her calf – while the old Rs 100 note had only one rhino. "
The picture of the rhinos is based on photographs of rhinos found in Chitwan of Nepal and it is intended to spread the message of wildlife conservation.
Likewise, banknote has an image of Mt Everest on the left, a map of Nepal in the middle and an image of the Ashoka pillar with the text 'Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha', according to the central bank.  There is also a picture of the temple of Mayadevi, mother of Lord Buddha, on the left side of pillar.
With a 2-mm-wide security thread that looks red or green depending on the angle of view, the banknote bears the signature of new central bank governor Dr Chiranjivi Nepal. The 100 denomination banknotes are the first series of bank notes with the signature of new governor after he took the office almost  year ago.
The central bank is also planning to issue banknotes of Rs 1,000, Rs 50, Rs 20 and Rs 500 denomination bank notes. The Rs 1,000 banknotes will have an image of two elephants with other security features.

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