Friday, October 25, 2013

US issues redesigned $100 note

The US Federal Reserve has began supplying financial institutions with a redesigned $100 note that incorporates new security features to deter counterfeiters and help businesses and consumers tell whether a note is genuine, according to the US embassy.
The redesigned $100 note includes two new security features: a blue 3-D security ribbon with images of bells and 100s, and a colour-changing bell in an inkwell, it said, adding that the new features, and additional features retained from the previous design like a watermark, offer the public a simple way to visually authenticate the redesigned $100 note. "Consumers worldwide are advised that it is not necessary to trade in older-design $100 notes for new ones."
It is US government policy that all designs of US currency remain legal tender, regardless of when they were issued, it added.

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