Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nepse resumes Sanima share trading

Nepse resumed the share trading of the youngest commercial bank from today."Sanima Bank has been allowed to resume share trading from today," according to the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse).
"Though there was no transaction of Sanima's shares today, there were sellers offering the bank's shares at Rs 254 per unit," a broker said, adding that the trading of then Sanima Bikas Bank had been suspended since June 12, 2010 when it had formally started the process to upgrade to avoid any manipulation in the prices.
Share holders of the newly upgraded commercial bank — Sanima Bank — will now be able to trade their shares at the stock exchange, according to Nepse that has been recently blamed for stopping the trading of shares without providing any reason which had hurt investor sentiment.
Investors blamed the front line regulator Nepse — during an interaction at the Finance Ministry — of being ineffective in making the listed companies play by the rules, which has discouraged investors.
The last share price of the bank stood at Rs 497 per share before trading was halted someone and a half years back.

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