Monday, February 15, 2021

Hydropower stocks to rain share market

 Though, the hydropower sector is not yet dominant in the share market, some 10 more hydropower companies are going public soon.

According to the Securities Board of Nepal (Sebon), some 15 companies – including 10 hydropower companies are issuing their Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) worth Rs 5.15 billion. “Among the 15 companies in the pipeline to issue public shares, some 10 are hydropower companies, one life insurance company, one merchant bank and 3 other companies.”

Though, the domestic share market is dominated with the banks and financial institutions, there are noticeable large number of hydropower companies floating their shares and listing in the secondary market recently. As the demand for shares in the market has doubled, the price of hydropower share has also increased recently. 

According to the Sebon, Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalabidhyut, Nyadi Hydropower, Bindhyabasani Hydropower, Sahas Urja, Emerging Nepal, Himalayan Hydropower, Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower, Samling Hydropower, Dish Media Network, CBIL Capital, Terhathum Power Company, Shuvam Power, Mallung Khola Jal Bidhyut, Jyoti Life Insurance, and CEDB Hydropower Development are floating share soon.

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