Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Home Ministry claims to take action against notorious contractors

Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa today claimed to take action against those contractors, who fail to complete their task within the deadline.
Addressing a press conference – on the occasion of completion of his 100-day in the cabinet – at the ministry today he warned of stern action against anyone who violates the law regardless of their status.
Though, he has been making claims of taking action against the erring contractors, two of the contractors – namely lawmaker Hari Narayan Prasad Rauniyar (chairman of Pappu Construction) of the ruling Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum-Nepal and Sharada Prasad Adhikari (chairman of Shailung Construction), who is the landlord of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) co-chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal are in the news for their notorious acts.
The number of projects of these two contractors' have seen delays and time and cost over run and they have been misusing their power to get away with it.
“We have already made it clear that whoever violates the agreement and misuses the state coffers are criminals," he said, adding that the issue is under the jurisdiction of the law.
The government’s crackdown on non-performing and under-performing contractors will be continued, the minister asserted, though the contractors have been claiming that they have been targeted for political motive, and amassing the wealth like the government did with the transporters.
Asked on the on the gold smuggling case, the home minister said that ‘big fish’ of the gold smuggling racket have become restless as the investigation into the case nears its conclusion. "We have arrested some small and medium 'fish'," he said, being hopeful that the government will get hold of the big fish behind the gold smuggling.
Though, he admitted that some elements are trying to influence the ongoing investigation into the case, the case under trial at the Biratnager Court has been scripted to save what the minister said 'big fish'. The main accused including Chudamani Upreti aka Gore and DSP Shyam Khatri have surrendered to the court asking to save their life as they have been under threat. They however have denying their involvement in the gold smuggling and murder of Sanam Shakya claimed that they are innocent.
Minister Thapa said the deadline of the probe committee could be extended, if necessary, but the government is reaching a conclusion soon. The extended deadline of the probe committee is coming to an end on June 14.

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