Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nepal listed in failed states category

Nepal along with Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka is featured in the list of the most failed states, according to the prestigious US Foreign Policy magazine’s latest ranking.
Nepal stands at 27 among the 60 countries that is dominated by the African countries. Pakistan stands at 12, Myanmar at 18, Bangladesh at 25, Sri Lanka at 29 and Bhutan stands at 50 in a the list of 60 countries.
"Nepal is the poorest country in South Asia, according to the United Nations (UN), and that's unlikely to change until the peace process is implemented and security restored. There are signs that the UCPN-Maoists may be losing patience — and thinking about going back to the trenches to fight for more," the report suspected.
Other countries in the top 10 are Chad, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan Central African Republic and Iraq.
On Pakistan, the report said, "Pakistan has long been dubbed the world's most dangerous country in Washington policy circles" and "yet Pakistan isn't just dangerous for the West -- it's often a danger to its own people."
On Bangladesh, the report said, two of five Bangladeshis live under the poverty line. Any improvements will also be fighting the environmental clock. If sea levels rise just by 1 metre, scientists warn, 17 per cent of the country could be submerged.
On Sri Lanka, it said, "The government's final push against the rebels relied on the shelling of civilians and other atrocities, according to a 2010 report by the International Crisis Group. "The most recent statistics from last year indicate that some 327,000 are still displaced from the conflict. Despite the pronounced fractures still lingering, the Sinhalese-dominated government in Colombo seems eager to forget the past," it added.

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nepalese deserve to be the poorest nation. they dont have the quality to progress. they are the cheapest shits in the world.