Sunday, May 15, 2011

LDCs not giving importance to tourism

Tourism is not yet considered as a sector that contributes to growth and development in the less developed countries, saidNepal Tourism Board CEO Prachanda Man Shrestha addressing the World Expert Development Forum 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey during the Fourth UN Conference on Least Developed Countries last week.
However, the hope of graduation from LDCs is seen with the contribution of tourism in few of the LDCs like Samoa and Maldives. "Therefore, the organisers should be congratulated for bringing tourism in the mainstream global discussion of growth and development," he said, urging the Forum to have consensus voice to draw the attention of development partners in waiving all forms of duty and taxation which are discouraging to travel to the destinations of Least Developed Countries.
Shrestha also opined that role of private sector is based on profitability and profit generates from the growth of demand that means increasing number of visitors. "All factors of obstacle and policies detrimental in motivating, encouraging and facilitating the travel are to be eliminated to unleash demand to visit potential destinations of LDCs," he added, thanking International Trade Centre for organising such an event focusing on Tourism in a most critical time as UN Conference is going to finalise Plan of Action for the next decade to enhance growth and development of LDCs.
Secretary at the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and chairman of Nepal Tourism Board Kishore Thapa and Shrestha were among the participants in the Forum that was organised with the objective of debate on contribution of the Service Sector of Trade to Growth focusing on the potential of Tourism Contribution to inclusive and sustainable development.
Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Ali Babacan, secretary general of UNCTAD Dr Supachai Panitchpakdi, director general of World Trade Organisation Pascal Lamy and UN World Tourism Organisation chief Dr Taleb Rifai also addressed the Forum.
Similarly, Thapa and Shrestha also attended joint special event organised by UN Agencies like UNWTO, UNCTAD, UNDP, ITC, UNEP, UNESCO, ILO, UNIDO, and WTO. They had meeting with chief of UNWTO Dr Taleb Rifai and officials of UNCTAD, ITC on sideline about the integration of tourism policy and assistance issue in the LDC Plan of Action as the outcome of this fourth UN Conference on LDCs.
Nepal shared its effort to expand tourism base in the country with national campaign of Nepal Tourism Year 2011. Nepal expressed its confidence on tourism as a major source of job creation, foreign exchange income to support balance of payment, turning cultural and natural heritage into economic value, inclusive development from urban to rural populace, and sustaining historical achievement in democratic system of political governance.

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