Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Myth of prosperity demystified

The Myth of Prosperity: Globalisation and the South is a research on impacts of globalisation on the millions of lives in the South.
Dr Viraj P Thacker in the book provides a deeper sense of understanding on how the modern process like globalisation does not suit the requirements of the people in the South – the house to the one third population of the world.
The book in its eight chapters not only takes stock of global poverty, economic development, WTO and corporate globalisation to prove the both positive and negative aspect of globalisation, it also demystifies a reader from the failed corporate globalisation model for the developing countries.
Social scientists can point out the problems involved in the blind acceptance of globalisation by the South. In this context, books like the present one, `The Myth of Prosperity: Globalisation and the South' can reveal the true intentions behind globalisation and its possible impact on the society in the South. Thacker explains the impacts of globalisation on South – on wages, poverty, inequality, insecurity, migration and on social factors.
The different aspects of globalisation that is explained well in the book makes readers easy to follow the evolution process that has gone wrong somewhere. Thacker has successfully showed that impacts of globalisation on India taking various forms, not immediately apparent to the external analyst. Though, globalisation transformed the global political, social and economic order, globalisation as a process within the capitalist work-system also served to intensify inequality and exploitation of the poor. According to Thacker liberalization and globalization have devastating consequences for many countries in the world as they reject the view that national development can be explained by examining the internal characteristics of nation states.
The volume brings together a group of authors who share a common concern of the impact of globalisation on our society. The nine contributors make us understand the impact of globalisation back home, on Nepali and Indian society.
Nepal has also bear the brunt of globalisation and the book gives us an opportunity to revisit on our economic development policies

The Myth of prosperity (Globalisation and the South)
By Viraj P Thacker (PhD)
Published by: Manushi (MSD) Publishers Inc

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