Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Skoda's new beauty to unveil

In the last four years, Skoda has started rolling on the roads of four countries, and now it is officially being launched in Nepal on Thursday.
"Nepal is the 105th market of Skoda," said Axel Andreas Oberdiek, regional manager, Asia Skoda Auto, before the offficial launch of this European beauty that is considered a status symbol and an amalgam of style and safety.
"Though we entered the Indian sub-continent a decade ago in 2001, Skoda's ride has been slow but steady," he said adding that Nepalis will get the chance to ride European luxury brands -- Skoda Laura and Octavia -- that Europeans are proud of.Even before the official launch, Skoda MAW -- a sister concern of Morang Auto Works -- has been able to sell 30 units of this beautiful machine that has satisfied Nepali auto-buffs for its safety and pollution norms of Europe standards.
Skoda Laura priced at around Rs 45,00,000 and Octavia priced at around Rs 35,00,000 are on sale at present at the Skoda MAW showroom. "MAW has started selling Skoda Laura and Octavia -- high end cars -- as a top-down marketing strategy to promote the luxury brand," he said.
"The premium segment automobiles of Skoda are famous for quality, superior technology and value for price," Oberdiek said adding that the whole range of Skoda cars like Fabia and Fabia Sedan will be available in Nepal.
In the domestic automobile market that is increasing at around 14 per cent annually, Skoda's Fabia -- yet another car from the Skoda stable -- is considered to give high competition in terms of price as well to the other cars in the market.
"Skoda cars are synonymous with power, low operating costs, environment friendliness and suitable for the family and business and even leisure options, value for money, reliability, technical advancement, originalilty in design and fully comparable to even higher parameters as well as user properties," the regional manager said.
"Our target is to sell 1,000 units by 2012," said Vishnu Kumar Agarwal, chief executive of MAW. "This year we will definitely cross 150 units," he added.
What began more than a century ago, with Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement founding a company, today is a world renowned brand that is going to conquer Nepali hearts.
Get ready to be seduced by the sirens!


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