Saturday, January 17, 2009

Experts provide public sector mantras

The Centre for Empowerment and Development-Nepal (CEMID- Nepal) has brought out its second publication, Sarbajanik Chhetraka Bahuaayamik Pakchhyaharu (Multidimentional aspects of the Public Sector).The volume covers a wide range of comtemporary issues -- economic and social -- in 28 articles penned by experts having long academic and professional experience. Dr Champak Pokharel has reviewed the much-discussed Three Year Interim Plan whereas Dr Chiranjibi Nepal has analysed the Public-Private Partnership in Economic Development where he writes that economic growth without social justice is inhuman, but social justice without economic growth is impossible.
Tula Raj Basyal has analysed the White Paper on Economy and Prof Dr Gopal Prasad Pokharel gives the reader an insight of New Nepal's economic diplomacy.
Bimal Wagle, a senior bureaucrat, has delved into Economic Liberalisation and Financial Sector Reforms in Nepal.
At a time when everyone is pondering whther the global financial crisis will hit Nepal or not, Dr Govind Bahadur Thapa takes a serious look at the global crisis and its possible impact on Nepal and prescribes solutions as well. The articles on Foreign Aid and challenges therein by Madhav Prasad Ghimire, Revenue Mobilisation and its challenges and possibilities by Balgovind Bista, Advantages and Disadvantages of Foreign Employment by Sthaneshwor Devkota, Local Government and Performance-based Funding in Nepal by Krishna Babu Joshi and State Restructuring by Dr Surendra KC are some interesting and academic reads in the book that provokes debate.

Book: Sarbajanik Chhetraka Bahuaayamik Pakchhyaharu (Multidimensional aspects of the Public Sector)
Publisher: CEMID-Nepal
Price: Rs 335
Pages: 346

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