Monday, March 3, 2008

Myths and market realities

Nepali capital market that has been a major attraction in recent years has been on a rollar-coaster ride. Within its short-span of life, Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse), not only saw market capitalization of more than three trillion rupees, but also witnessed rain of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and the mega-issue of 7.5 million-unit of Nepal Telecom that closed last week.
Investors have been taking to this new-found investing opportunity seriously with heavy investment but at times they even gamble on speculation because of hear-say.
There is no doubt that capital market is the fast track to capitalism but globally it has its own rules and norms that Nepali capital market seems lacking. Due to less investment opportunities, Nepalis are investing on whims. They should not put their hard-earned money on any company without enough study.
To help them, Rabindra Bhattarai — a lecturer at the Shankerdev Campus and trainer of share market — has brought yet another book Nepalko Share Bazar Ek Bisleshan. Though, the book is a collection of his earlier published 41 articles in various newspapers, its an eye-opener for the investors. If one goes by the book one can find difference between the myths and market realities.From analysis on why Nepse is on fire to the recent mega issue of NT, the book covers a wide range of issues relating to Nepali capital market.
Except for some proof mistakes, the book gives a bird's eye-view of Nepali capital market.

Book: Nepalko Share Bazar Ek Bisleshan
Author: Rabindra Bhattarai
Publisher: Securities Research Centre and Services Pvt Ltd
Pages: 89
Price: Rs 55

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