Saturday, December 22, 2007

Know before you invest

Capital market, which was considered not newsworthy a couple of years back, has recently been in news regularly. People have taken to this investment opportunity wholeheartedly propelling the Nepse up to its maximum in comparison to size of our market.
Every single investor, due to less investment opportunities, has found capital market more lucrative. But the apex regulatory body, Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) and front-line regulator and secondary market, Nepse, time to time issue notices warning the investors to be more aware before putting their hard-earned money on any company.
The abnormal behaviour of the Nepse calls for more awareness among the investors and what could be a better idea than to publish a book on Nepali stock market and its nitty-gritty. Rabindra Bhattarai, a lecturer at the Shankerdev Campus and trainer of share market has come up with a book Nepalko Share Bazar (Nepal's share market).
The testimony of the book's popularity is that in a short span of time the author is forced to publish its updated third edition. Afterall, its a Bible to the investors.The author being a lecturer of finance has explained — in 19 chapters — Nepali capital market's modus operandi like how share price increases and decreases, acts and laws related to capital market and relation between capital market and monetary policy, in a plain language. The book also has a glossary section, which is very useful to the students and investors alike.
Bhattarai, who has other books like Stock Market in Nepal (english version), Investments: Theory and Practice, Capital Structure Management and Fundamentals of Financial Management and Corporate Financial Management to his credit is bringing another book Share Markets: Some queries soon.Since the market is getting mature, Nepali investors need more of such books.

Book: Nepalko share Bazar (Nepal's share market)
Author: Rabindra Bhattarai
Publisher: Buddha Academic Enterprises Pvt Ltd
Pages: 116Price: Rs 125

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