Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Nepse scales historic high

The investors are having a great time and the stock market is on fire since the last couple of weeks. Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index made history yesterday and went even higher today since it started trading 13 years ago by posting above 600 mark for the first time on Tuesday and 611.08 today.
Today the index gained +8.21 points and registered 611.08 points from yesterday's historic record of over 602 points. A continuous rise in the confidence of investors has led to this historic high but will this continue and can the market sustain this growth is yet to be answered. The Nepse index opened at 598.52 points on Tuesday morning and ended at over 602 points in the evening. Out of the 40 leading scrips the commercial banks group is the number one gainer.
The Nepse index has been soaring high for the last six weeks with investors making largely speculative buying amid rumors of persistent growth in share prices.
The bull run will continue for a week or more than again it will cool down, say experts.

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