Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More commitments and lip services

While addressing the 41st annual general meeting of FNCCI, today Maoists suprimo Pranchanda and his deputy Dr Baburam Bhattarai assured the business community that Maoists are not against Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the industrialization, rather they want to promote the national capitalist. But who are the national capitalist in their list?
Their cadres are in one way or the other disturbing in the smooth running of the industries and forcing them to close down. They are in doing so supporting the foreign industries to promote their market in Nepal, and at the same time giving rise to unemployment. They should have promoted, as Dr Baburam Bhattarai said in the programme protected the national industries, instead. The difference in their preaching and doing has given the foreigners and others reasons to criticize them. On the other hand, the industrialists from the districts were very much concerned about their security and law and order situation. The home ministry has been totally unable to restore the confidence in the people and the entrepreneurs, alike. Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat, though an intellectual on his own capacity, has again assured the business community and accepted the weakness on the part of government, but he failed in boosting their confidence. The basic thing is to boost the confidence of business community and prepare condusive environment for foreign investment but the government is accused of ted-tapism and corruption. The government in the transition period seems more interested in collecting more commission. Government has been a totally failure in fulfilling in the commitments. And Maoists also are, it seems, confused in what is national interest. Can they encourage the national capitalists to invest more in the infrastructure and hydropower. Similarly, as the political instability continues, the business community itself is also guided by the short term profits rather than the national interest and long-term vision.
Can the Moists reinject confidence in what they call national capitalists or they also became foreigners puppet, the time will show. There is no question that the government has totally failed.

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