Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The first ever recorded Tornado in Nepal hit Bara

The windstorm that hit Bara and Parsa was more than 90-km per hour, according to a press release issued by Department Of Hydrology and Meteorology yesterday evening. "The weather system has recorded the strongest ever windstorm in the country on Sunday evening," the release reads, adding that it was the first ever recorded tornado in Nepal. "We could not forecast the windstorm simply because the department is not well-equipped, both technically and human resource wise."
There was a huge casualty as the forecasting division is unable to predict windstorms due to lack of technology.
The government has long planned to install three weather radars to improve weather forecasts and provide real time data on atmospheric weather conditions in the country, he said, adding that the proposed three radars were to be installed in Rata Nangala of Surkhet in the western region, Ribdikot of Palpa in the central region and Rametar of Udayapur in the eastern region. But only one radar system has been installed in Surkhet.
A weather radar – also known as an automatic station – can scan the sky and feed data related to weather conditions. Radars can provide real time data on movements of clouds and other atmospheric activities.
According to Home Ministry statistics, a total of 72 lives have been lost due to windstorm between 2000 and 2017. A sudden hailstorm on March 12, 1988 caused a stampede at the Dasharath Stadium during a football match, leaving 93 football fans dead on the southern stands.

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