Friday, April 5, 2019

Government to rebuild homes for tornado-hit victims before monsoon

The federal government is going to reconstruct the houses of the tornado-hit Bara and Parsa populace before the monsoon.
After 5 days of the devastating tornado that struck Bara and Parsa districts in the southern plains, the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management executive committee meeting – chaired by Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa – today decided to reconstruct the houses of the affected populace before the monsoon. Home Minister Thapa, on the occasion, instructed all the agencies to work in close coordination.
The government has started collecting on-the-ground details from the disaster-hit settlements. The deadly tornado – the first and strongest ever recorded in the country’s history – claimed at least 28 lives and left thousands of people roofless, apart from battering parts of 10 rural municipalities and municipalities in the two districts. It also damaged 1,895 houses, forcing the survivors to spend the first two nights under the open skies without food and water.
The meeting – including the secretaries of different ministries and focal persons of different humanitarian clusters – apart from chief of National Emergency Operation Centre Bed Nidhi Khanal also assessed the condition of various sectors or clusters and discussed how to move ahead to address the problems in the key sectors including logistics, nutrition and food and security. They decided to request the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation to send 500 solar lights to the windstorm-hit areas as the electricity poles have also been damaged by the deadly tornado.
Likewise, the meeting also requested UNICEF to send mosquito nets for the families as there is a risk of spreading of Malaria due to poor sanitation. Other UN agencies are already sending medical kits and other hygiene related items. Health experts have warned that the disaster-hit areas is prone to disease outbreak due to poor hygiene, scarcity of clean drinking water and hygienic food and sleeping outdoors without roof.
The meeting between focal persons on three clusters – logistics, nutrition and food and security – also concluded that the situation has mostly returned to normalcy in majority of the places.
Similarly, the nutrition cluster has thought of providing the survivors with vitamin supplements after inspecting them in the villages and also in the hospitals.
The government has yesterday handed over the responsibility of building new housing projects for the windstorm-hit families to the Army to make it faster.

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