Friday, March 4, 2005

A Century in blood

Everybody has his or her own idea of social service.
Prem Sagar Karmacharya, has done it literally with his own blood, donating it free for a whopping 101 times.
He has not only set a record for the number of times of blood donation, but has set a trend in Kathmandu. On the occasion of his 100th blood donation, the Satak Raktadata Samman Samiti has brought out a souvenir 'Parmita' and a CD with a Raktadaan geet, a song that inspires the practice of blood donation. Ramesh Shrestha has lent his voice for the songs, whereas Prem Sagar himself has penned the words for the Raktadaan geet.
The souvenir not only praises Karmacharya's effort, but also highlights the significance of blood donation and how one can save the lives of people who often die for not getting blood on time. Every one between aged 18-60 without any problem related to liver, lungs and heart, and without diseases like jaundice, malaria, typhoid and HIV can donate blood, according to the law of Nepal, reads the souvenir.
However, there should be three months gap between each donation. The song and the souvenir make a lasting impression on a listener and reader for a noble cause that may help save your neighbour.