Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Crops across 3,736 bighas damaged in Bara

The devastating tornado – the first ever recorded in Nepal – that hit Bara villages on Sunday night has also affected agricultural sector, apart from human casualty and injuries.
According to a preliminary report by the Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives (MoLMAC) of Province 2, the tornado damaged crops and fruits across 3,736 bighas of land across 21 villages in Bara district.
Crops including wheat, maize, vegetables, red lentils and fruits that had already been planted in 1,505 bighas of land in Bara have been completely damaged, the report reads, adding that the disaster has partially affected planted crops and fruits across 2,231 bighas of land. "The tornado has primarily affected wheat that was ready for harvest."
Secretary at MoLMAC of Province 2 Vijay Chandra Jha said that that the report is a preliminary document. "The actual impact on the agriculture sector will be known only after a few days as a number of teams have been deployed in the field to collect data."

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