Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Government to spend Rs 9.96 trillion in next five years

The National Planning Commission (NPC) has projected a total of Rs 9.96 trillion of public spending in the next five years.
The fifteenth five-year plan – recently endorsed by the National Development Council (NDC) meeting – has forecast the capital and recurrent expenditures to remain almost equal in the five year period, departing from the current trend of expenditure where the recurrent budget is more than double the spending toward capital budget, though it can do nothing to improve the government spending capacity. "Out of the total government budget size of Rs 9.96 trillion over the five-year period, Rs 4.596 trillion will be spent as recurrent, while Rs 4.02 trillion will be spent as capital expenditure."
Of the total budget of Rs 1.396 trillion for the current fiscal year, the government has allocated Rs 789 billion for recurrent expenditure while Rs 471 billion for capital expenditure.
The five-year plan – starting from fiscal year 2019-20 to fiscal year 2023-24 – has increased the capital expenditure assuming that the capital spending will increase in next five years as the government prioritises various development projects. The country also plans to graduate to the status of developing country from current least developed country in next five years, according to the five-year plan.
In the next five years, the government will have to spend Rs 1.35 trillion in the fiscal arrangement including investment in public enterprises and debt servicing.
Likewise, the government will be mobilising Rs 7.25 trillion revenue and Rs 1.71 trillion  foreign assistance. "The government is anticipated to raise Rs 996.15 billion in domestic debt to meet the budget deficit," the plan estimated. "The federal government will transfer Rs 1.7 trillion budget to provincial and local governments in next five-year period."
Similarly, the plan projects an investment of Rs 9.25 trillion, of which private sector will pour in 55.5 per cent of investment and government investment at 39.1 per cent, apart from 5.4 per cent investment is expected to come from the cooperative sector.

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