Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Tourism industry has highest female managers

Female managers outnumbers the male in the tourism industry. 

According to According to an analytical study report by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), some 60.7 per cent of tourism establishments had male managers while 39.2 per cent of them had female managers. "The number of establishments with female managers in the tourism industry is the highest among all establishments in Nepal," the report adds.

Province-wise, Province 2 has the lowest proportion of female managers ( some 19.3 per cent) while Province 1 has the highest (some 50.1 per cent),” the report reads, adding that accommodation and food service businesses have a higher proportion of female managers. Likewise, only 38.2 per cent of the establishments in the tourism industry have been registered. "The proportion of registered establishments is low in food and beverages service activities since these micro scale businesses are operating without registration knowingly or unknowingly, although laws require any business to be registered," the report adds.

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