Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Canada supports Tele-Medicine Services for Covid-19 patients in rural Nepal

Canada has announced funding of $50,000 (around Rs 4.82 million) to the ASK Foundation of Nepal in support of its work in providing tele-medicine services to Covid-19 patients residing in rural areas of Nepal. This funding is provided through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives and supports the Government of Nepal’s Covid-19 Response Plan, according to a press note issued by the Canadian Embassy for Nepal in New Delhi.

As part of the project the ASK Foundation will provide services to those affected by Covid-19, with a particular focus on those in the remote and rural parts of Nepal, including a hotline providing medical consultations for Covid-19 patients; monitoring of Covid-19 patients in home isolation and the provision of timely referrals; and tele-ICU services to connect patients with care centers, as well as connecting local doctors and nurses with experts in Kathmandu, who provide on-line medical advice.

As a result of the project, approximately 20,000 Covid-19 patients from rural areas will receive medical counselling and hospitalization support for critical cases; an expected 1,000 Covid-19 patients in home isolation in rural areas will receive monitoring care and referrals for hospitalisation; and an estimated 400 patients are also expected to benefit from tele-ICU services, the press note reads. "In addition, the project will also provide on-the-job training to medical professionals practicing outside of Kathmandu to help them treat ICU patients."

The monitoring of patients in home isolation will be carried out in collaboration with Health Advance Programmes (HAPSA), one of the members of the Covid Alliance. HAPSA will provide isolation kits, which include medical devices, medicines and leaflets containing information on related care for infection and a hotline number.

"Canada is pleased to continue supporting lifesaving efforts in Nepal by awarding funding to the ASK Foundation to provide tele-medicine services for Covid-19 patients in rural areas," Canada’s acting ambassador to Nepal Deirdre Kent said, adding that Canada also recently contributed to Nepal’s fight against Covid-19 via grants of $1 million to the Red Cross and $1.5 million to UNICEF. "In addition, a Canadian Armed Forces flight carrying donated medical supplies will soon be on its way. Canada stands with our friend and partner Nepal in its fight against Covid-19."

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