Thursday, June 10, 2021

Distribution of Melamchi water to be halted for two months

 Kathmanduites will not be able to get the supply of ‘Melamchi water’ for two months from June 15, according to the Melamchi Drinking Development Committee (MDDC).

The Committee - issuing a public notice today - said that it will halt the water supply temporarily to carry out the technical assessment of the tunnel that spans from Melamchi area in Sindhupalchowk to Sundarijal in Kathmandu. "It will take around two months to complete the entire testing of the tunnel."

Melamchi water distribution has been providing some respite to the Kathmanduites, though it took almost two-decades-and-a-half to bring the Melamchi water to Kathmandu. The valley has been facing acute shortage of drinking water as the population has increased remarkably after the armed struggle of Maoist started in 1996. The long-awaited project has started supplying water through the main distribution system some two months ago.

The structure will have to be filled with water in pressurised condition, for the testing of the tunnel, and it needs an inspection by emptying the tunnel afterwards. "It will take an estimated 16 days to empty the tunnel," according to the Committee notice. "The rest of the time will be utilised for necessary maintenance of the tunnel and refilling it with water."

During the period, from June 16 to almost two months, the Kathmanduites will not be able to receive Melamchi water,” the notice further reads.

The Committee has also warned the people not to go near banks of the Bagmati River during the period as the water level in the river might swell due to siphoned water from the tunnel released into the river.

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