Friday, June 18, 2021

Smart Lock down on cards

The government is mulling a smart lockdown from next week.

Covid-19 Crisis Management Centre (CCMC) is planning a 'smart lockdown', confirmed the deputy secretary and information officer at the CCMC, the government body responsible for Covid-19 containment.

Though, the Valley districts are planning to relax the prohibitory orders from next week, the CCMC is planning to implement 'smart lockdowns' across the country, he said, explaining that the 'smart lockdown' is a modality that evaluate the conditions of a particular place and ease or strict according to the situation. "We are analysing the situation of every individual district."

But its easier than done because the restrictions on movement is difficult to monitor also due to social behaviour and closeness of the places.

The country could not close or tighten the porous border with India when the second wave of Covid-19 was rife in the southern border. The movement of people along the 1,800-km long porous border remains unregulated as thousands cross over to each other’s territory every day.

As the government failed to break the chain of coronavirus transmission by identifying the infected areas, the second wave of the covid-19 struck the country. The mismanagement of the government cost the country some 8,000 lives.

But the Valley administrations is planning to allow services and activities though with restrictions in order to gradually normalise the daily life and business activities, designating separate days in the week for running different shops and stores. According to the new rule, several shops that were earlier not allowed to operate will be allowed to open and conduct business systematically, while following the safety protocol.

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