Monday, October 12, 2020

FACTS of Nepal 2020 Yearbook out

 FACTS Research and Analysis unveiled the latest edition of its yearbook ‘FACTS of NEPAL 2020’ today.

The release marks the 6th edition of the highly successful series of infographic compilation, according to a press note issued by the research company. “Throughout the years, the FACTS yearbook has served as a conscientious tool of analysed data and information,” it reads, adding that carrying on a similar trend, the latest issue contains descriptive data and infographics on the status of various sectors within the country. “The 2020 yearbook is a compilation of infographics depicting data collected from various sectors within the country.”

The booklet covers 10 sectors, which depict various aspects of the social, economic and cultural condition of the country. The compilation is published as an annual yearbook, with this being the latest edition. The previous editions have been well identified in the corporate, social, developmental and political circles of the country, as a source of visually appealing presentation of data and insights.

The booklet priced at Rs 500 this year will be available at leading bookstores and few online stores across the country, the press note reads. “Despite the global pandemic, FACTS have tried to keep on with its culture and release this edition with a slight delay.”

FACTS is an independent private research company that adds value to the decisions and strategies of its clients by providing reliable, contextual and actionable information based on research and analysis. Since its inception in 2012, FACTS has taken several first-of-its-kind initiatives in the research sector in Nepal, to contribute to inform public dialogue on current affairs. The company is guided with a primary intention of providing real, transparent information to the public and bridging the information asymmetry in Nepal, which will in turn foster a data-driven decision-making culture at the social, political, economic and even personal level, the press note claimed. “So far, FACTS has explored and successfully accomplished media partnerships with national television, dailies, monthly magazine and online news portal, to disseminate data and facts-driven information through insightful, interactive discussions and easy-to-understand info graphics.”

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