Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Nepal-Japan to devise mechanism for migration of Nepali workers

Nepal and Japan today agreed to devise a new labour mechanism for sending Nepali workers to Japan.
A high level Japanese delegation that came to Nepal today and Nepali counterparts agreed after discussing the prospect of migration of Nepali workers.
Amending its immigration laws, Japan in December, 2018, decided to welcome blue-collar workers from certain countries including Nepal. Last month the Japanese government formally announced its plan. The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has already received a formal letter from Japanese government informing the ministry about Nepal being one of the countries from where Japan would be hiring workers as per their new plan.
"During the meeting, Nepali side implored on creating a relevant method, system and mechanism based on transparent and competitive ideas that would incorporate globally established models and criteria in the field of migrant labour," according to the ministry.
Officials from both the countries also agreed to carry out further homework for creating conducive environment for sending migrant workers to Japan as per the new system. The ministry has also started drafting a memorandum of understanding (MoU). Both countries will finalise language and skill test models as well as required mechanisms for pre-departure processes.
Nepali team – led by joint secretary Ram Prasad Ghimire, who is also chief of labour relations and social security division at the ministry – and Japanese team formally discussed the various aspects of Nepali workers’ migration to Japan. The visiting Japanese team informed Nepali side about their latest legal provisions related to the management of foreign labour force and latest changes in its immigration policy which opened the door for hiring a massive labour force.
Nepali and Japanese team discussed the entire gamut of labour-related provisions in Japan so that Nepali labours can be sent to Japan in an organised, safe and dignified manner that would ensure mutual benefit to both the countries, said the ministry source.
In the first five years of its plan, Japan will assimilate about 345,000 foreign workers to work across 14 industrial sectors that include nursing care, janitorial work, manufacturing, the hotel industry, agriculture and fishing, as well as food processing and food services.
The Japanese government has however showed interest in hiring Nepali workers mainly in care giving and hospitality sector, the ministry informed, adding that the potential candidates must pass the skill test and meet the language requirements to be qualified for Japanese labour market.

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