Monday, January 21, 2019

ADB green signal to appoint new contractor for Melamchhi

Asian Development Bank (ADB) has given green signal to the Melamchi Water Supply Project to appoint a new contractor to complete the remaining works of the much-awaited water project.
During the consultation with the multilateral development partner, the project has sought a way out to expedite the works of Melamchhi, according to spokesperson of the project Rajendra Prasad Panta. "The project is preparing to scrap the contract with the Italian construction company Co-operativa Muratori e Cementisti (CMC) di Ravenna," he said, adding that the project has also recommended entrusting the responsibilities to carry on the project’s remaining work to the subsidiary construction companies as it would take a while to call for tender.
The project would wait for 14 days for a response to the letter from the Italian construction company CMC di Ravenna for scrapping the contract, according to the agreement between the government and the contractor. According to the contract – the government has signed with CMC – the government must send a ‘termination letter’ notice to contractor giving it a 14-day ultimatum to resume the project works. In case CMC fails to resume construction works within 14-day ultimatum period, the contract will be terminated automatically, as per the legal provision.
The project work would be forwarded from February 2.
According to the Project, of the complete tunnel measuring 27.5-km – from Ambathan of Sindhupalchok to Sundarjal of Kathmandu – still some 410-metre of tunnel's finishing works is yet to be completed.
Similarly, some 885 metres of tunnel await reinforced cement concrete works and two of three ventilators are yet to be rebuilt. Ventilation has been made in the tunnel – stretching from Gyalthum to Ambathan – while drilling needs to be done for ventilation from tunnel spanning Sundarijal to Sindhu and Sindhu to Gyalthum.
Likewise, installation of big galvanised iron (GI) pipes to bring water from the outlet of the tunnel at Sundarijal to water processing centre is also left to be carried out. Apart from that a regular monitoring system has also to be put in place.

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