Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Lack of teeth weakens government's fight against black marketers

Lack of law has made the government's fight against black marketers weak.
According to supplies minister Shiva Kumar Mandal, the black marketers are getting impunity due to lack of proper law to take action against them.
Addressing a press meet, organised by Press Centre, Morang Chapter, in Biratnagar today, Mandal said that the concerned authorities have not been able to punish the black marketers due to lack of legal authority. "The government has monitored markets for 17,000 times in the past five years but there is no record of action taken against them as the monitoring body does not have the authority,” he said, adding that there is rampant adulteration of food items and petroleum products. "The black marketing has been increasing rapidly due to lack of law."
However, the Local Administration has the right to take action against the black marketers, and also the Ministry has the right to close the shops involved in black marketeering for 90 days.
The consumer rights activists claim that the government agencies have been active in market monitoring only before the festive season. "The timing has always been before festivities – like Dashain and Tihar – and not round the year," the consumer rights activists ask.
"Durbarmarg-based shops have been opened amid pressure and completing the legal process but the owners have been warned that they would be punished if they were found involved in carrying out black marketing in the coming days,” he said, lamenting the fact that market monitoring could not be effective as expected due to lack proper coordination by Customs Department.
Earlier, some six Durbarmarg-based outlets of Nike, Puma, Bentley and Store One brands were sealed for allegedly charging exorbitant price in their products. Bugt most of these brands have claimed that they have no authorised outlet in Nepal.
The government agencies – in monitoring – are thus blamed for bargaining with the big stores and super stores before festivals.

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