Saturday, June 22, 2019

Japan to hire only nurses from Nepal this year

Japan is hiring only nurses this year, though, number of nurses that Japan will hire has not yet been ascertained.
The Japanese government is going to hire only nurse this year, though there has been talk about Nepali foreign job aspirants will be able to go to Japan to work in 14 different sectors.
The language and skill test will be conducted in October for those aspiring to go for nursing jobs in Japan, according to director general of Department of Foreign Employment Bhishma Kumar Bhusal.
The government and concerned Japanese authorities will jointly conduct the tests, he said, adding that the bilateral talks between Nepal and Japanese government has finalised to take tests for aspiring nurses, who wants to go to Japan, in October. “From next year, Nepalis who want to join other professions listed by Japan will be able to go to the destination.”
According to the bilateral labour agreement signed with Japan – on March 25, 2019 – the Japanese government will hire Nepali migrants in 14 different sectors, including nursing.
The nurses will have to sit for the 20-minute Japanese language test and one-hour skill – related to the jobs – test but the department has alerted the youth not to go to any institutions and pay money in a false assurance of a job in Japan.
There are some institutions that have been taking money and guaranteeing people of jobs in Japan, he said, alerting the job aspirant not to fall for such scams. “The government will take necessary action against such firms.”

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