Saturday, March 23, 2019

Low bidding makes construction sector infamous, quality questioned

Low bidding has made construction sector bad name and the quality has also been questioned, according to president of Federation of Contractors’ Association Nepal (FCAN) Rabi Singh.
The construction sector has been denigrated because of a rising trend of working at low bidding, he said, asking construction entrepreneurs to stop doing business with those contractors who are willing to work at low rates. "Quality of work is compromised when working for cheap."
"Low bidding also affects the project completion timeline," he said addressing the sixth district convention of contractors at Chautara. The convention concluded today.
Singh also admitting that there are some weaknesses in the construction sector asked the concerned authorities not to sign any project at extremely low rates. "The delayed budget finalisation by the government has hampered project works, which has caused repeated failures in meeting project deadlines," he said, adding that the contractors are compelled to halt work because of delayed budget finalisation, and the projects are delayed. He also asked for construction sector-friendly public purchase law.
“Contracts up to Rs 50 million must be handed to local level contractors, while contracts exceeding this amount but less than Rs 150 million must be given to provincial level contractors,” Singh said, adding that contracts exceeding Rs 150 million must be given to large-scale contractors. "Likewise, both the international and national contractors must be given the right to handle contracts over Rs 1 billion."

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