Saturday, October 6, 2018

South Korea to allow family to visit Nepali workers, increase quota

South Korea is going to allow family members of Nepali migrant workers in South Korea to pay a visit at least once during their employment tenure, and increase the quota of Nepali migrant workers.
Responding to the labour minister Gokarna Bista, South Korean ambassador to Nepal Park Young-sik, said that Nepali migrant workers will soon be able to meet their family members in South Korea. "The South Korean government is making official arrangements for this purpose," he added.
Ambassador Youngsik – during the meeting with the labour minister Bista today at the ministry – said that some families have already visited South Korea to meet their keens.
Labour Ministry spokesperson Prakash Dahal informed that minister Bista had requested envoy Young-sik during their previous meeting to facilitate family members' visit at least once during the migrant worker’s contract period.
Though, South Korea is known for offering better facilities and remuneration among other foreign job destinations, the suicide rate of Nepali migrant workers has been increasing in South Korea in recent years. Family visits could give workers a psychological relief from anxiety, loneliness and dispel thoughts of committing suicide. The Nepali migrant workers have a-four-year-and-a-10-month contract period.
Bista also requested the ambassador to increase the jobs quota for Nepali migrant workers in South Korea. The South Korean government has fixed the maximum ceiling of 7,100 Nepali workers, who pass the qualifying test (EPS) and enter its job market in 2019 as potential candidates. Bista urged to hire Nepali workers in service sector too. Praising the performances and conduct of Nepali workers in South Korea, envoy Young-sik said he would do his best to increase the quota for Nepali workers and their placement in service sector, according to a press note issued by the ministry.
According to Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE), some 54,363 Nepali migrant workers are in South Korea currently.

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