Sunday, July 16, 2017

Local bodies get one-third of government grant

Local bodies have received one-third of the government grant today.
Of the total government grant worth Rs 225 billion that the local bodies are supposed to get in the first quadrimester of this fiscal – according to the budget speech – the local bodies have received Rs 75 billion as the first tranche of the grant in their respective bank accounts.
The government has allocated equalisation and conditional grants to the 744 local units. But the budget has been sent to the local bodies with the elected representatives. The government has yet to hold election in province 2. The local bodies under the Province 2 will get the budget once the election will be held.
According to the Finance Ministry, rural municipalities will get a minimum of Rs 100 million to Rs 390 million, municipalities will get Rs 150 million to Rs 430 million, sub-metropolitan cities will get Rs 400 million to Rs 630 million and metropolitan cities will get Rs 560 million to Rs 1.24 billion.

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