Saturday, December 24, 2016

Prime Minister ianugurates Guerrilla Trail

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal today inaugurated a ‘Guerrilla Trail’ and an ‘Insurgency Museum’ at Chunwang of Rukum district.
Lies in the mid-western part of Nepal, in a hilly region of Rukum-Rolpa, the trail was used by the Maoists during the insurgency. One can trek through several unspoiled villages, innocents people, their unique cultures, awesome Himalayan ranges of Sisne, Putha , Dhaulagiri, Chauri peaks,
Guerrilla trekking trail of Rukum-Rolpa area is a virgin land, restricted, impossible and extremely difficult for outside world over a decade during long people’s war in Nepal. The land is known as most playground for revolutionary people, their perfect hideout and running their own government. The small yet naturally beautiful place is now open and heartily welcoming people from outside. The place is blessed with rich flora and fauna, unmatchable natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and adventurous trails once used by Guerillas during people’s war in Nepal are the main attraction in Rukum.
Recalling the times of the insurgency, the premier underlined the importance of the area during their protest 12 years ago. He also expressed his happiness to be able to establish a memento of the time.
Speaking at the inauguration programme, Dahal stressed the need of smooth implementation of Constitution for the overall development of the country. He informed that his government was working to develop Nepal as an economically prosperous country.
"And for this," the PM assured that the local, provincial and federal elections should be held on time.
He also stressed that there is no other alternative than consensus among the political parties for the implementation of Constitution. The recent Constitution amendment bill that was registered in the House will ensure rights of Madhesis, Muslims, Tharus and other marginalised group, the premier said.
Urging the parties to stop staging protests for the sake of protests, he claimed that the Bill was registered ‘in accordance to CPN-UML’s proposal before Constitution promulgation’.
He also called for discussion in order to forge political consensus.

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