Friday, January 14, 2011

Global mobile service revenue to grow

Although mobile service revenue growth accelerated in 2010 from growing consumer spend after the recession, a similar boost this year is unlikely, according to a study by Strategy Analytics.
The researcher predicts revenue growth will slow to four per cent this year as the sector crawls toward the $1 trillion revenue mark. Mobile subscriptions will pass six billion this year. Significant new subscription growth opportunities exist for mobile operators in new connected device categories, even though increasingly saturated markets for traditional mobile voice services will result in a slow-down in global growth rates.
The researcher said that with growth still concentrated in developed markets, 3G and 4G networks increasingly dominate the revenue picture and will account for half of all worldwide mobile service revenues this year.
Beginning next year, global 2G subscriptions will begin to fall as more affordable 3G devices allow operators to push services beyond higher-spending segments.

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